2016 CSA

Full Share: $650 + $50 worth FREE produce= $700 value
Half Share: $350 + $25 worth FREE produce= $375 value
Your share can be used towards any vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants available for sale here at the farm. All shares must be purchased by April 1, 2016.

What is a CSA?

CSA, also known as Community Supported Agriculture, is a mutually beneficial relationship between a farm and their local community. CSA members buy a ‘share’ of the farms produce at the beginning of the season, allowing the farm to cover many of the up-front costs they are faced with. In return for their support, members of the CSA are provided with fresh, local and seasonal produce and the knowledge that they are helping their local farms to continue to grow and thrive.   

We have chosen a CSA model that is slightly different than most.  Many CSA’s ask members to stop by their farm on a specific day and time to pick up a box of produce that has been pre-selected by the farmer. As a member of the Jones Farm CSA you will be able to stop by the farm any day of the week, during store hours, to pick out whatever produce you choose. Your CSA share is much like a debit account.  During each trip to the farm you can choose to use as much or as little of it as you want, and it never expires. If you don’t use all of your share over the course of one season, then it rolls over to the next year.
In choosing to become a member of the Jones Farm CSA, you are choosing to become a member of the Jones Farm Family. By helping to support our small scale, family run farm, you are aiding in our continued growth as we explore more sustainable and organic farming practices in our goal of bringing our local community a diverse array of healthy and delicious produce.  
Stop by the farm to learn more and sign up for your share!